Our Mission


We believe that evidence-based knowledge puts you in full control of the way you feel.


We need more than medicines to heal; we need love, empathy, and care. When we are sick, we need someone to examine our body, mind, and soul as one functional unit, not as modular parts of some machine.

We are board-certified physicians who are saying you should be able to do the things you want to do. However, this is only possible if you take charge of every single aspect of your American life. You need to commit to a long-term strategy and you need to engage actively in taking care of yourself. If this sounds like a good deal, you are interested in integrative medicine.

Our job is to tell you how. Simply put, we use our experience and training to set you up to take charge of your health.


  1. Promote the knowledge and practice of integrative holistic medicine in our community and around the nation.
  2. Unite and lead the integrative practitioners in our community.
  3. Design top-caliber integrative services for our community.