Conventional Healthcare - "Be Disease Free"

  • Dictated by your insurance company and other regulatory agencies

  • Quick, skimming sessions timed to be 12 minutes or less leaves many unanswered questions

  • "Rescue medicine" philosophy – focuses only on alleviating symptoms

  • Little to no focus or discussion on the root cause of the clinical issue

  • Care is based only on surgical or pharmaceutical treatment options

  • Poor patient engagement due to all of the above

  • Practitioners have limited to no formal training in evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical options for care

Integrative Healthcare - Thrive

  • Patient-centered care planning process dictated by the physician-patient partnership

  • Extensive, interactive sessions lasting as long as they need to last, all questions answered

  • Focus is on the root cause of disease as well as addressing symptoms

  • Goal is to find a CURE for the clinical issue

  • Treatment with toxic chemicals and ionizing radiation is used sparingly

  • Actively-engaged patients, armed with a thirst for knowledge

  • Practitioners are trained extensively on ALL evidence-based options for treatment, including pharmaceutical medications.

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